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Table of modified cross-references to other rules.This table belongs to MCOB 9.3.1 R.SubjectRule or guidanceReference in rule or guidanceTo be read as a reference to:VariationsMCOB 5.1.3R(2)MCOB 7MCOB 7 as modified by MCOB 9Part of loan not an equity release transaction22MCOB 5.1.9GMCOB 5.6.6R(2)MCOB 9.4.6R(2)Waiver of provisionsMCOB 5.1.10GMCOB 5.6MCOB 9.4.PurposeMCOB 5.2.1GMCOB 5MCOB 5 as modified by MCOB 9Applying for a lifetime mortgage22MCOB 5.3.2GMCOB 5.6.26R and MCOB 5.6.27R
MCOB 5.1.10GRP
A firm that finds any rule in MCOB 5.6 (Content of illustrations) inappropriate for the particular kind of regulated mortgage contract that the mortgage lender provides will need to seek from the FCA a waiver of that rule, unless another rule provides otherwise7. SUP 8 contains details of the waiver procedure.
If a firm ceases to be a participant firm or carry out activities within one or more classes54 part way through a financial year6 of the compensation scheme:44(1) it will remain liable for any unpaid levies which the FSCS has already made on the firm; and41(2) the FSCS may make one or more levies4 upon it (which may be before or after the firm5 has ceased to be a participant firm or carry out activities within one or more classes5,4 but must be before it ceases to be an authorised
CREDS 10.1.3RP
ModuleRelevance to Credit UnionsThe Principles for Businesses (PRIN)The Principles for Businesses (PRIN) set out 3high-level requirements 3imposed by the FCA3. They provide a general statement of regulatory requirements. The Principles apply to all9credit unions. In applying the Principles to credit unions, the FCA3 will be mindful of proportionality. In practice, the implications are likely to vary according to the size and complexity 3of the credit union.99999Senior Management
SUP 15.12.2RRP
For the purpose of SUP 15.12.1R:(1) when calculating the number of complaints in SUP 15.12.1R(1)(a), the firm should exclude complaints previously notified to the FCA under this rule;(2) redress, under SUP 15.12.1R(1)(b), should be interpreted to include an amount paid, or cost borne, by the firm, where a cash value can be readily identified, and should include:(a) amounts paid for distress and inconvenience;(b) a free transfer out to another provider for which a transfer would