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electronic money

      1. electronically (including magnetically) stored monetary value as represented by a claim on the electronic money issuer which is:
        1. (a) issued on receipt of funds for the purpose of making payment transactions as defined in Article 4(5) of the Payment Services Directive; and
        1. (b) accepted by a person other than the electronic money issuer;
        but does not include:
        1. (c) monetary value stored on specific payment instruments133 that can only be used in a limited way and meet one of the following conditions133:
          1. (i) allow the holder to acquire goods or services only in the issuer’s premises;133
          1. (ii) are issued by a professional issuer and allow the holder to acquire goods or services only within a limited network of service providers which have a direct commercial agreement with the issuer;133
          1. (iii) may be used only to acquire a very limited range of goods or services; or133
          1. (iv) are valid only in a single EEA State, are provided at the request of an undertaking or a public sector entity, and are regulated by a national or regional public authority for specific social or tax purposes to acquire specific goods or services from suppliers which have a commercial agreement with the issuer. 133
        1. (d) monetary value that is used to make payment transactions resulting from services provided by a provider of electronic communications networks or services, including transactions between persons other than that provider and a subscriber, where those services are provided in addition to electronic communications services for a subscriber to the network or service, and where the additional service is:13371151
          1. (i) for purchase of digital content and voice-based services, regardless of the device used for the purchase or consumption of the digital content, and charged to the related bill; or133
          1. (ii) performed from or via an electronic device and charged to the related bill for the purchase of tickets or for donations to organisations which are registered or recognised as charities by public authorities, whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere,133
          provided that the value of any single payment transaction does not exceed £40, and the cumulative value of payment transactions for an individual subscriber in a month does not exceed £240.133