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solo capital resources

      1. (1) (for the purposes of GENPRU 3 and INSPRU 6) capital resources that are or would be eligible as capital under the sectoral rules that apply for the purpose of calculating its solo capital resources requirement. Paragraph 6.8 of GENPRU 3 Annex 1R (Solo capital resources requirement: the insurance sector) applies for the purpose of this definition in the same way as it does for the definition of solo capital resources requirement.45
      1. (2) for the purpose of BIPRU 10 95(Large exposures95 requirements) the definition in (1) is adjusted in accordance with95 BIPRU 10.8A.10 R 95 (Calculation of capital resources for a 95core UK group)95 so that it means capital resources calculated in accordance with the rules applicable to the category of BIPRU firm identified by applying the procedure in BIPRU 8.6.6 R to BIPRU 8.6.9 R (Consolidated capital resources).45