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trading book systems and controls rules

    26GENPRU 1.3.13R(2) to (3) (General requirements: Methods of valuation and systems and controls), GENPRU 1.3.14R to GENPRU 1.3.16R (Marking to market), GENPRU 1.3.17R to GENPRU 1.3.25R (Marking to model), GENPRU 1.3.26R to GENPRU 1.3.28R (Independent price verification), GENPRU 1.3.30R to GENPRU 1.3.33R (Valuation adjustments or reserves), GENPRU 2.2.86R (Core tier one capital: profit and loss account and other reserves: Losses arising from valuation adjustments) and GENPRU 2.2.248R to GENPRU 2.2.249R (Tier three capital: lower tier three capital resources).