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(1) The professional liability risks to be covered pursuant to Article 9(7) of Directive 2011/61/EU shall be risks of loss or damage caused by a relevant person through the negligent performance of activities for which the AIFM has legal responsibility. (2) Professional liability risks as defined in paragraph 1 shall include, without being limited to, risks of: (a) loss of documents evidencing title of assets of the AIF;
(1) This Article shall apply to AIFMs that choose to cover professional liability risks through professional indemnity insurance. (2) The AIFM shall take out and maintain at all times professional indemnity insurance that: (a) shall have an initial term of no less than one year; (b) shall have a notice period for cancellation of at least 90 days; (c) shall cover professional liability risks as defined in Article 12(1) and (2); (d) is taken out
SUP 16.18.4EURP
Reporting to competent authorities1.In order to comply with the requirements of the second subparagraph of Article 24(1) and of point (d) of Article 3(3) of Directive 2011/61/EU, an AIFM shall provide the following information when reporting to competent authorities:(a)the main instruments in which it is trading, including a break-down of financial instruments and other assets, including the AIF's investment strategies and their geographical and sectoral investment focus;(b)the
SYSC 10.1.27GRP
6Articles 30 to 37 of the AIFMD level 2 regulation provide detailed rules supplementing the provisions of article 14 of AIFMD.