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MCOB 6A.3.17 R and MCOB 6A.3.18 R could apply where the ownership of an MCD regulated mortgage contract is transferred to a third party through securitisation.
PERG 4.16.4GRP
If an unauthorised SPV arranges for an authorised person with permission to administer a regulated mortgage contract to administer its regulated mortgage contracts, it can avoid carrying on the regulated activities of:(1) administering a regulated mortgage contract, because of the exclusion in article 62 of the Regulated Activities Order (described in PERG 4.8.4 G);(2) arranging (bringing about) or making arrangements with a view to regulated mortgage contracts, because any arrangements
SUP 16.12.11RRP
The applicable data items referred to in SUP 16.12.4 R are set out according to firm type in the table below:Description of data item45Firms' prudential category and applicable data items(note 1)IFPRU investment firms and BIPRU firmsFirmsother thanBIPRU firms or IFPRU investment firmsIFPRUBIPRUIPRU(INV)Chapter 3IPRU(INV)Chapter 5IPRU(INV)Chapter 9IPRU(INV)Chapter 1338Solvency statementNo standard format (note 11)No standard format (note 20)No standard format (note 11)38Balance
MCOB 6.4.18GRP
MCOB 6.4.16 R and MCOB 6.4.17 R could apply where the ownership of a regulated mortgage contract is transferred to a third party through securitisation.
This exclusion may be of a particular interest to a special purpose vehicle which administers regulated mortgage contracts transferred to it as part of a securitisation transaction.
This chapter also applies in relation to regulated mortgage contracts in circumstances where the original mortgage lender has passed on ownership of the loan to a third party through securitisation. In such a case, the rules in MCOB 7.5 - MCOB 7.7.4 R will apply to the firm which administers the regulated mortgage contract.