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CASS 6.6.44RRP
When determining the frequency at which it will undertake its internal custody record checks under CASS 6.6.11 R, physical asset reconciliations under CASS 6.6.22 R, and external custody reconciliations under CASS 6.6.37 R, a firm must have regard to: (1) the frequency, number and value of transactions which the firm undertakes in respect of clients'safe custody assets; and(2) the risks to which clients'safe custody assets are exposed, such as the nature, volume and complexity
Schedule to the Recognition Requirements Regulations, paragraphs 3 – 3H4Paragraph 3 – Systems and controls4(1)The [UK RIE] must ensure that the systems and controls, including procedures and arrangements,4 used in the performance of its functions and the functions of the trading venues it operates are adequate, effective4 and appropriate for the scale and nature of its business.(2)Sub-paragraph (1) applies in particular to systems and controls concerning - (a)the transmission
SYSC 20.2.5GRP
Reverse stress testing should be appropriate to the nature, size and complexity of the firm's business and of the risks it bears. Where reverse stress testing reveals that a firm's risk of business failure is unacceptably high, the firm should devise realistic measures to prevent or mitigate the risk of business failure, taking into account the time that the firm would have to react to these events and implement those measures. As part of these measures, a firm should consider
4The processes that a firm or CBTL firm7 should have in place in order to comply with DISP 1.3.3 R may include, taking into account the nature, scale and complexity of the firm's or CBTL firm’s7 business including, in particular, the number of complaints the firm or CBTL firm7receives:(1) the collection of management information on the causes of complaints and the products and services complaints relate to, including information about complaints that are resolved by the firm by
A firm (with the exception of a common platform firm and a 21sole trader who does not employ any person who is required to be approved under section 59 of the Act (Approval for particular arrangements))3 must, taking into account the nature, scale and complexity of the business of the firm, and the nature and range of the financial services, claims management services and other23 activities undertaken in the course of that business:3103(1) (if it is 21a management company)10 establish,