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MCOB 1.2.14GRP
(1) 8The provisions in the table in (2) apply only in relation to an MCD regulated mortgage contract.(2) This table belongs to (1).ChapterProvisionsMCOB 2AWhole chapterMCOB 3AMCOB 3A.2.4R(2) and MCOB 3A.5MCOB 3BWhole chapterMCOB 4MCOB 4.4A.4R (1)(a) and (3), MCOB 4.4A.8R (1)(d) and MCOB 4.4A.8R (2)(e)MCOB 4AWhole chapterMCOB 5AWhole chapterMCOB 6AWhole chapterMCOB 7AWhole chapterMCOB 7BWhole chapterMCOB 10AWhole chapterMCOB 11MCOB 11.6.21A R and MCOB 11.6.21B GMCOB 11AWhole c
This chapter applies to the communication or approval of a financial promotion of qualifying credit as follows:Application and purposeMCOB 3A.1The fair, clear and not misleading rules MCOB 3A.2, except MCOB 3A.2.5 ROther general requirements for financial promotions MCOB 3A.3Qualifying credit financial promotionsMCOB 3A.4MCD financial promotions (note 1)MCOB 3A.5Systems and controlsMCOB 3A.9Note 1: This item does not apply to non-MCDfinancial promotions of qualifying credit.
PERG 4.13.5GRP

3Exempted regulated mortgage contracts

Type of regulated mortgage contract


Exempted under article 3(2) of the Mortgage Credit Directive

See PERG 4.10A.5G (1) to PERG 4.10A.5G (6)

Bridging loan

See PERG 4.13.6 G

Restricted public loan

See PERG 4.13.7 G