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LR 13.5.1RRP
Financial information, as set out in this section, must be included by a listed company in a class 1 circular if:(1) the listed company is seeking to acquire an interest in a target which will result in a consolidation of the target's assets and liabilities with those of the listed company; or(2) the listed company is seeking to dispose of an interest in a target which will result in the assets and liabilities which are the subject of the disposal2 no longer being consolidated;
LR 13.5.3BRRP
2When a listed company is acquiring or disposing of an interest in a target that was or will be accounted for using the equity method in the listed company's annual consolidated accounts, the class 1 circular should include:(1) for an acquisition,(a) a narrative explanation of the proposed accounting treatment of the target in the issuer's next audited consolidated accounts; (b) a financial information table for the target; (c) a statement that the target financial information
LR 13.5.4RRP
(1) A listed company must present all financial information that is disclosed in a class 1 circular in a form that is consistent with the accounting policies adopted in its own latest annual consolidated accounts.(2) The requirement set out in (1) does not apply when financial information is presented in accordance with:22(a) DTR 4.2.6 R, in relation only to financial information for the listed company presented for periods after the end of its last published annual accounts;
LR 13.5.7GRP
In complying with LR 13.5.6 R a listed company should:(1) state whether the financial information was extracted from accounts, internal financial accounting records, internal management accounting records, an external or other source;(2) state whether financial information that was extracted from audited accounts was extracted without material adjustment; and(3) indicate which aspects of the financial information relate to:(a) historical financial information;(b) forecast or estimated
LR 13.5.17ARRP
2If the target has made an acquisition or a series of acquisitions that were made during, or subsequent to, the reporting periods set out in LR 13.5.13 R the listed company must include additional financial information tables so that the financial information presented by the listed company represents at least 75% of the enlarged target for the period from the commencement of the relevant three year reporting period set out in LR 13.5.13R (1) up to the date of the acquisition
LR 13.5.18RRP
A listed company must ensure that a financial information table includes, for each of the periods covered by the table:(1) a balance sheet and its explanatory notes;(2) an income statement and its explanatory notes;(3) a cash flow statement and its explanatory notes;(4) a statement showing either all changes in equity or changes in equity other than those arising from capital transactions with owners and distributions to owners;(5) the accounting policies; and(6) any additional
LR 13.5.30BRRP
(1) 2In the case of a class 1 disposal, a financial information table must include for the target:(a) the last annual consolidated balance sheet; (b) the consolidated income statements for the last three years drawn up to at least the level of profit or loss for the period; and(c) the consolidated balance sheet and consolidated income statement (drawn up to at least the level of profit or loss for the period) at the issuer's interim balance sheet date if the issuer has published
LR 13.5.30DGRP
2The FCA may modify LR 13.5.30BR (1)(b) and (c) where it is not possible for the listed company to provide a meaningful allocation of its costs in the target's audited consolidated income statements. The class 1 circular should contain a statement to this effect where this modification has been granted. The FCA would not normally expect to grant such modifications except in respect of non-operating costs such as finance costs and tax.
LR 13.5.32RRP
If a listed company includes a profit forecast or a profit estimate in a class 1 circular it must:(1) comply with the requirements for a profit forecast or profit estimate set out in Annex 1 of the PR Regulation5; and(2) include a statement confirming that the profit forecast or profit estimate has been properly compiled on the basis of assumptions stated and that the basis of accounting is consistent with the accounting policies of the listed company.
LR 13.5.33RRP
If, prior to the class 1 transaction, a profit forecast or profit estimate was published that:(1) relates to any of the listed company, a significant part of the listed company group, the target or a significant part of the target; and22(2) relates to financial information including the period of the forecast which has yet to be published at the date of the class 1 circular;22the listed company must either:22(3) include that profit forecast or profit estimate in the class 1 circular
LR 9.2.2HGRP
9In addition to the annual confirmation required to be included in a listed company's annual financial report under LR 9.8.4R (14), the FCA may request information from a listed company under LR 1.3.1 R (3) to confirm or verify that an undertaking in LR 6.5.4R or LR 9.2.2ADR(1)13 or a procurement obligation (as set out in LR 6.5.5R(2)(a)13 or LR 9.2.2BR (2)(a)) contained in an agreement entered into under LR 6.5.4R or LR 9.2.2ADR(1)13 is being or has been complied with.
LR 9.2.18RRP
(1) This rule applies to a listed company that has published:(a) any unaudited financial information in a class 1 circular or a prospectus; or(b) any profit forecast or profit estimate.(2) The first time a listed company publishes financial information as required by DTR 4.17 after the publication of the unaudited financial information, profit forecast or profit estimate, it must:7(a) reproduce that financial information, profit forecast or profit estimate in its next annual report
LR 9.2.25RRP
9A listed company must notify the FCA without delay if its annual financial report contains a statement of the kind specified under LR 9.8.4A R.
LR 9.8.4RRP
In addition to the requirements set out in DTR 4.1 a listed company1 must include in its annual financial report1, where applicable, the following:1(1) a statement of the amount of interest capitalised by the group during the period under review with an indication of the amount and treatment of any related tax relief;(2) any information required by LR 9.2.18 R (Publication of unaudited financial information);(3) [deleted]1313(4) details of any long-term incentive schemes as required
LR 9.8.4BGRP
13Where a listed company's annual financial report contains a statement of the type referred to in LR 9.8.4R (14)(b) or (d), the FCA may still take any action it considers necessary in relation to the underlying breach by the listed company of LR 9.2.2ADR(1)17 or LR 9.2.2G R.
LR 9.8.5GRP
A listed company need not include with the annual report and accounts details of waivers of dividends of less than 1% of the total value of any dividend provided that some payment has been made on each share of the relevant class during the relevant calendar year.
LR 9.8.6RRP
In the case of a listed company incorporated in the United Kingdom, the following additional items must be included in its annual financial report1:1(1) a statement setting out all the interests (in respect of which transactions are notifiable to the company under article 19 of the Market Abuse Regulation16) 4of each person who is4 a3director of the listed company as at the end of4 the period under review including:44334(a) all changes in the interests of each director that have
LR 9.8.9GRP
The requirements of LR 9.8.6R (6) relating to corporate governance are additional to the information required by law to be included in the listed company's annual report and accounts.12
LR 9.8.10RRP
A listed company must ensure that the auditors review each of the following before the annual report is published:(1) LR 9.8.6R (3) (statements15 by the directors regarding15 going concern and longer-term viability15); and(2) the parts of the statement required by LR 9.8.6R (6) (corporate governance) that relate to the following provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code:99(a) C.1.1;9(b) C.2.1 and C.2.315; and9(c) C.3.1 to C.3.8.14914
LR 10.7.1RRP
LR 10 Annex 1 is modified as follows in relation to acquisitions or disposals of property by a listedproperty company:(1) for the purposes of paragraph 2R(1) (the gross assets test), the assets test is calculated by dividing the transaction consideration by the gross assets of the listedproperty company and paragraphs 2R(5) and 2R(6) do not apply;(2) for the purposes of paragraph 2R(1) (the gross assets test), if the transaction is an acquisition of land to be developed, the assets
LR 10.7.3RRP
LR 10 does not apply to the acquisition or disposal by a listedproperty company of a property in the ordinary course of business which:(1) for an acquisition, will be classified as a current asset in the company's published accounts; or(2) for a disposal, was so classified in the company's published accounts.
LR 10.7.4GRP
LR 10 may apply to subsequent transfers of property assets from current to fixed assets or from fixed to current assets in the accounts of a property company.
LR 9.5.12RRP
(1) If a listed company produces a circular containing proposals to be put to shareholders in a general meeting 2relating to a reconstruction or a re-financing, the circular must be produced in accordance with LR 13.3 and must include a working capital statement.(2) The requirement for a working capital statement set out in paragraph (1) does not apply to a closed-ended investment fund.11(3) The working capital statement required by paragraph (1) must be prepared in accordance
LR 9.7A.1RRP
1If a listed company prepares a preliminary statement of annual results:(1) the statement must be published as soon as possible after it has been approved by the board;(2) the statement must be agreed with the company's auditors prior to publication;(3) the statement must show the figures in the form of a table, including the items required for a half-yearly report, consistent with the presentation to be adopted in the annual accounts for that financial year;(4) the statement
LR 9.4.3RRP
For a scheme referred to in LR 9.4.2R (2), the following information must be disclosed in the first annual report published by the listed company after the date on which the relevant individual becomes eligible to participate in the arrangement:(1) all of the information prescribed in LR 13.8.11 R;(2) the name of the sole participant;(3) the date on which the participant first became eligible to participate in the arrangement;(4) an explanation of why the circumstances in which
LR 13.2.1RRP
A listed company must not circulate or publish any of the following types of circular unless it has been approved by the5FCA:55(1) a class 1 circular; or5(2) a related party circular; or5(3) a circular that proposes the purchase by a listed company of its own shares which is required by LR 13.7.1R (2) to include a working capital statement; or5[Note: LR 12.4.10 G](4) a circular that proposes a reconstruction or a refinancing of a listed company which is required by LR 9.5.12
LR 17.3.6GRP
An issuer that meets the following criteria is not required to comply with LR 17.3.4 R:(1) The issuer is an issuer of asset backed securities and would if it were a debt issuer to which DTR 4 applied be relieved of the obligations to draw up and publish annual and 3 half yearly financial reports in accordance with DTR 4.4.2 R provided the issuer is not otherwise required to comply with any other requirement for the publication of annual reports and accounts.1133(2) (a) the issuer:(i)
LR 8.4.12RRP
A sponsor must not submit to the FCA, on behalf of a listed company, a circular regarding a transaction set out in LR 8.4.11 R for approval8, unless the sponsor has come to a reasonable opinion, after having made due and careful enquiry, that:8(1) the listed company has satisfied all requirements of the listing rules relevant to the production of a class 1 circular or other circular;(2) the transaction will not have an adverse impact on the listed company's ability to comply with
LR 13.4.3RRP
(1) If a class 1 circular relates to a takeover offer which is recommended by the offeree's board and the listed company has had access to due diligence information on the offeree at the time the class 1 circular is published, the listed company must prepare and publish the working capital statement on the basis that the acquisition has taken place.(2) If a class 1 circular relates to a takeover offer which has not been recommended by the offeree's board or the listed company
LR App 2.1.1RRP
2As set out in LR TR 11, a listed company with a financial year ending before 30 September 2013, or a listed company with a financial year ending on or after 30 September 2013 whose annual financial report has been made public on or before 13 December 2013, must comply with the requirements set out in this appendix in relation to their annual financial report. To assist listed companies, this appendix adopts the text of LR 9.8 before this was amended by the Listing Rules (Annual
LR App 2.1.2GRP
29.8Annual financial report9.81R[not used]9.8.2R[not used]9.8.3R[not used]Information to be included in annual report and accounts9.8.4RIn addition to the requirements set out in DTR 4.1 a listed company must include in its annual financial report, where applicable, the following: (1)a statement of the amount of interest capitalised by the group during the period under review with an indication of the amount and treatment of any related tax relief;(2)any information required by
LR 8.2.1RRP
A company with, or applying for, a premium listing of its securities11 must appoint a sponsor on each occasion that it:45(1) is required to submit any of the following documents to the FCA in connection with6 an application for admission of securities115 to premium listing6:66(a) a prospectus or supplementary prospectus12; or671(b) a certificate of approval from another competent authority; or6(c) a summary document as required by article 1(5)(j) of the Prospectus Regulation12;
(1) 7In addition to instruments admitted to or dealt in on an eligible market, a UCITS scheme may also with the express consent of the FCA (which takes the form of a waiver under sections 138A and 138B of the Act as applied by section 250 of the Act or regulation 7 of the OEIC Regulations) invest in an approved money-market instrument provided:(a) the issue or issuer is itself regulated for the purpose of protecting investors and savings in accordance with COLL 5.2.10AR (2);(b)
LR App 1.1.1RP
1Note: The following definitions relevant to the listing rules are extracted from the Glossary.ActThe Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.admission or admission to listing admission of securities to the official list .admission to tradingadmission of securities to trading on an RIE's market for listedsecurities.advertisement(as defined in the Prospectus Regulation51) a communication with both of the following characteristics51:(a)relating to a specific offer to the public