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LR 20.4.1RRP
An issuer that has only miscellaneous securities listed is subject to the continuing obligations set out in this chapter.
LR 19.4.2RRP
An issuer that has both securitised derivatives and other securitieslisted is subject to the continuing obligations set out in this chapter and the continuing obligations that are applicable to the other securities so listed.
LR 5.1.2GRP
Examples of when the FSA may suspend the listing of securities include (but are not limited to) situations where it appears to the FSA that:(1) the issuer has failed to meet its continuing obligations for listing; or(2) the issuer has failed to publish financial information in accordance with the listing rules; or(3) the issuer is unable to assess accurately its financial position and inform the market accordingly; or(4) there is insufficient information in the market about
PR 3.1.7UKRP
Section 87A(1) of the Act provides for the approval of a prospectus by the FSA:(1)The [FSA] may not approve a prospectus unless it is satisfied that:(a)the United Kingdom is the home State in relation to the issuer of the transferable securities to which it relates,(b)the prospectus contains the necessary information, and(c)all of the other requirements imposed by or in accordance with this Part or the prospectus directive have been complied with (so far as those requirements
DEPP 2.5.18GRP
Some of the distinguishing features of notices given under enactments other than the Act are as follows: (1) Building Societies Act 1986, section 36A: There is no right to refer a decision to issue a prohibition order under section 36A to the Tribunal. Accordingly, a decision notice under section 36A(5A) is not required to give an indication of whether any such right exists. A decision notice under section 36A(5A) may only relate to the issue of a prohibition order under section
DTR 5.1.3RRP
Voting rights attaching to the following shares are to be disregarded for the purposes of determining whether a person has a notification obligation in accordance with the thresholds in DTR 5.1.2 R:(1) shares acquired for the sole purpose of clearing and settlement within a settlement cycle not exceeding the period beginning with the transaction and ending at the close of the third trading day following the day of the execution of the transaction (irrespective of whether the transaction
PR 2.3.1EURP
Articles 3 to 23 of the PD Regulation provide for the minimum information to be included in a prospectus:Note: the Annexes (including schedules and building blocks) referred to in these articles are set out for information in PR App 3.Article 3Minimum information to be included in a prospectusA prospectus shall be drawn up by using one or a combination of the schedules and building blocks set out in this Regulation.22A prospectus shall contain the information items required in