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LR 5.6.1RRP
1This section applies to an issuer with:(1) a premium listing;(2) a standard listing (shares); or(3) a standard listing of certificates representing equity securities.
LR 5.6.21RRP
Where the issuer'slisting is cancelled following completion of a reverse takeover, the issuer must re-apply for the listing of the shares or certificates representing equity securities and satisfy the relevant requirements for listing, except that for an issuer with a premium listing, LR 6.2.1R(3) and LR 6.2.4R(2)6 will not apply in relation to the issuer's accounts.
LR 5.6.28GRP
An issuer wishing to transfer a listing of its equity shares from a premium listing (investment company) to a standard listing (shares) should note LR 5.4A.2 G which sets out limitations resulting from the application of LR 14.1.1 R (application of the listing rules to a company with or applying for a standard listing of shares).
LR 5.2.5RRP
Subject to 41LR 5.2.7 R, LR 5.2.10 R, LR 5.2.11A R9 and LR 5.2.12 R, 1an issuer with a premium listing4that wishes the FCA to cancel the listing of any of its 5securities11 with a premium listing4must:11114(1) send a circular to the holders of the relevant securities11.9 The circular must:9(a) comply with the requirements of LR 13.3.1 R and LR 13.3.2 R (contents of all circulars);(b) be submitted to the FCA for approval prior to publication; and(c) include the anticipated date
LR 5.2.8RRP
An issuer that wishes the FCA to cancel the listing of listed securities (other than securities11 with a premium listing41) must notify a RIS, giving at least 20 business days notice of the intended cancellation but is not required to obtain the approval of the holders of those securities contemplated in LR 5.2.5 R (2) or (2A)11.15144
LR 5.2.11ARRP
9LR 5.2.5 R does not apply to the cancellation of securities11 with a premium listing in the case of a takeover offer if:(1) the offeror or any controlling shareholder who is an offeror is interested in more than 50% of the voting rights of an issuer before announcing its firm intention to make its takeover offer;(2) the offeror has by virtue of its shareholdings and acceptances of its takeover offer, acquired or agreed to acquire issued share capital carrying 75% of the voting
LR 5.4A.1RRP
This section applies to an issuer that wishes to transfer the5 category of its5listing from:2(1) a standard listing (shares)2 to a premium listing (commercial company); or(2) a standard listing (shares)2 to a premium listing (investment company); or(2A) a standard listing (shares) to a premium listing (sovereign controlled commercial company); or5(2B) a standard listing (certificates representing certain securities) to a premium listing (sovereign controlled commercial company);
LR 5.4A.2GRP
An issuer will only be able to transfer a listing of its equity shares2 from a premium listing (investment company) to a standard listing (shares)2 if it has ceased to be an investment entity (for example if it has become a commercial company) or if it continues to have a premium listing of a class of equity shares.2This is because LR 14.1.1 R provides that LR 14 does not apply to equity shares of2 an investment entity without a premium listing of equity shares.2
LR 5.4A.4RRP
(1) This rule applies to a transfer of the listing of:52(a) equity shares with a premium listing into or out of the category of premium listing (investment company); or5(b) equity shares with a premium listing out of the category of premium listing (commercial company); or5(c) equity shares or certificates representing shares with a premium listing out of the category of premium listing (sovereign controlled commercial company) into the category of standard listing (shares) or
LR 8.4.1RRP
LR 8.4.2 R to LR 8.4.4 G2 apply in relation to an application for admission of securities11 to premium listing65if an applicant does not have securities11 already admitted to premium listing ,68 the conditions in LR 6.1.1R(1), LR 6.1.1R(2), LR 21.2.5R(1), LR 21.2.5R(2), LR 21.6.13R(1) or LR 21.6.13R(2)11 do not apply and8, in connection with the application, the applicant is required to publish a document under article 1(4)(f) or (g) or (5)(e) or (f) of the Prospectus Regulation
LR 8.4.3RRP
A sponsor must:(1) submit a completed Sponsor's Declaration on an Application for Listing to the FCA either:2(a) on the day the FCA is to consider the application for approval of the prospectus and prior to the time the prospectus is approved; or(b) at a time agreed with the FCA, if the FCA is not approving the prospectus12;1(2) submit a completed Shareholder Statement or Pricing Statement, as applicable, to the FCA by 9 a.m. on the day the FCA is to consider the application;(3)
LR 1.5.1GRP
(1) 1Under the listing rules each issuer must satisfy the requirements in the rules that are specified to apply to it and its relevant securities. In some cases a listing is described as being either a standard listing or a premium listing.(2) A listing that is described as a standard listing sets requirements that are based on the minimum EU directive standards. A listing that is described as a premium listing will include requirements that exceed those required under relevant
LR 1.6.1ARRP
1An issuer must comply with the rules that are applicable to every security in the category of listing which applies to each security the issuer has listed. The categories of listing are:(1) premium listing (commercial company); (2) premium listing (closed-ended investment fund);(3) premium listing (open-ended investment companies);(3A) premium listing (sovereign controlled commercial company);3(4) standard listing (shares);(5) standard listing (debt and debt-like securities);(6)
LR 6.1.1RRP
This chapter applies to an applicant for the admission of equity shares to premium listing (commercial company) except where:11(1) the applicant meets the following conditions:11(a) it has an existing premium listing (commercial company) of equity shares;11(b) it is applying for the admission of equity shares of the same class as the shares that have been admitted to premium listing; and11(c) it is not entering into a transaction classified as a reverse takeover; or11(2) the following
LR App 2.1.2GRP
29.8Annual financial report9.81R[not used]9.8.2R[not used]9.8.3R[not used]Information to be included in annual report and accounts9.8.4RIn addition to the requirements set out in DTR 4.1 a listed company must include in its annual financial report, where applicable, the following: (1)a statement of the amount of interest capitalised by the group during the period under review with an indication of the amount and treatment of any related tax relief;(2)any information required by