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FEES 10.5.1GRP
(1) The Handbook provisions relating to the pensions guidance levy are meant to follow closely the provisions relating to the payment of periodic fees payable by an authorised person under FEES 4.(2) As such, the table in FEES 10.5.4 R lists rules in FEES 4 that also apply, in a modified form, to the pensions guidance levy.
FEES 10.5.4RRP
Table of rules in FEES 4 that also apply in FEES 10.FEES 4 incorporated into FEES 10DescriptionModifications FEES 4.2.4 RMethod of paymentnone2222222FEES 4.2.7ERModifications for persons becoming subject to periodic fees during the course of a fee year none2FEES 4.2.7FRCalculating the fee in the firm’s first year of authorisationnone2 FEES 4.2.7GRCalculating fees in the second fee-year where the firm received permission between 1 January and 31 March in its first fee year none2FEES