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FEES 11.2.4RRP
If a designated guidance provider does not pay the total amount of the pensions guidance providers’ levy applicable to it before the end of the date on which it is due, it must pay:(1) an administrative fee of £250; plus(2) interest on any unpaid part of the levy at an annual rate of 5% above the Official Bank Rate from time to time in force, accruing daily from the date on which the amount concerned became due.
If a firm ceases to be a participant firm or carry out activities within one or more classes54 part way through a financial year4 of the compensation scheme:4(1) it will remain liable for any unpaid levies which the FSCS has already made on the firm; and41(2) the FSCS may make one or more levies4 upon it (which may be before or after the firm5 has ceased to be a participant firm or carry out activities within one or more classes5,4 but must be before it ceases to be an authorised
FEES 10.2.3RRP
The pensions guidance levy applicable to a particular firm is calculated as follows:(1) identify each of the activity groups in FEES 10.1.1R (2) that apply to the business of the firm for the relevant period;(2) calculate the amount payable under FEES 10.2.4 R for each of those activity groups;(3) modify the result in accordance with FEES 10.2.5 R if applicable; and(4) apply any payment charge in FEES 4.2.4 R.
FEES 10.2.8RRP
Where a firm which has not complied with FEES 4.4.2 R (Information on which fees are calculated) in relation to a particular fee year the pensions guidance levy for that firm for that fee year is calculated using (where relevant) the valuation(s) of business used to calculate the pensions guidance levy for that firm for the previous fee year, multiplied by the factor of 1.10.
620This chapter does not apply in relation to:88(1) FEES 5.5A; or8(2) FEES 5 Annex 2R; or8(3) FEES 5 Annex 3R; or8(4) a PSR fee8; or9(5) the pensions guidance levy; or10910(6) the pensions guidance providers’ levy; or1110(7) 11the FOS ADR levy.
FEES 10.4.4GRP
The FCA is entitled not to consider a claim under FEES 10.4.1 G or FEES 10.4.2 G to refund any overpaid amounts due to a mistake of fact or law by the fee paying firm if the claim is made more than two years after the beginning of the period to which the pensions guidance levy subject to the claim relates.