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For advice to fall within article 53(1)2, it must:(1) relate to a particular contract of insurance (that is, one that a person may enter into);(2) be given to a person in his capacity as an investor or potential investor;(3) be advice (that is, not just information); and(4) relate to the merits of a personbuying, selling, subscribing for or underwriting (or exercising any right to do so) a contract of insurance or rights to or interests in life policies.
Typical recommendations and whether they will be regulated as advice on contracts of insurance under article 53(1)2 of the Regulated Activities Order. This table belongs to PERG 5.8.4 G.2RecommendationRegulated under article 53(1)2 or not?I recommend you take the ABC Insurers motor insurance policyYes.This is even the case if ABC Insurers has many different motor insurance policies, as explained in PERG 4.6.6 G. Although PERG 4.6.6 G is about mortgages the same reason applies
PERG 5.8.13GRP
The requirements imposed by the IDD3 (see PERG 5.2.5 G (Approach to implementation of the IMD)) and the text of article 2.3 IDD3 articles 2.1(1), 2.1(2) and 2. 2 in PERG 5.16.1 G3are narrower than the scope of the Regulated Activities Order (see PERG 5.2.7 G (Approach to implementation of the IDD)). Unlike3 the Regulated Activities Order, they do not relate to the assignment of contracts of insurance. This is of relevance to, amongst others, persons involved in the 'second-hand'
DISP App 1.5.3GRP
If a complaint is upheld and the policy is to be surrendered as part of the settlement, the firm should remind the complainant in writing that the life cover within the endowment will be terminated and that it may therefore be appropriate to take advice about the merits or otherwise of taking out a stand-alone life policy in substitution.2323
DISP App 1.5.4GRP
If a need for life assurance at inception has been established so that a deduction representing its cost has been made from the redress payable under DISP App 1.2.4 G, the firm should advise the complainant that the firm would be responsible for paying any premium for an appropriate replacement policy which exceeds that used for calculating the deduction or alternatively will, where possible, provide the cover itself at that cost. If it is not possible for the firm to provide
For an activity to be a regulated activity, it must be carried on in relation to 'specified investments' (see section 22 of the Act Regulated activities) and Part III of the Regulated Activities Order (Specified investments)). For the purposes of insurance distribution activity3, specified investments include the following 'relevant investments' defined in article 3(1) of the Regulated Activities Order (Interpretation):(1) rights under any contract of insurance (see article 75
PERG 5.11.3GRP
The5 following exclusions do not apply if they concern transactions relating to contracts of insurance:(1) dealing in investments as agent with or through authorised persons (article 22 of the Regulated Activities Order (Deals with or through authorised persons));(2) arranging transactions to which the arranger is to be a party, where the arranger enters into or is to enter into the transaction:(a) as agent for another person; or(b) as principal, unless the arranger is the only
PERG 5.11.18GRP
3Article 72G (Local authorities) excludes from the activities of dealing in investments as agent, arranging (bringing about) deals in investments, making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments, assisting in the administration and performance of a contract of insurance and advising on investments any activity carried on by a local authority which relates to a contract of insurance which is not a life policy.
In addition, certain other activities carried on in relation to rights under contracts of insurance are regulated activities. These are where the activity is carried on in relation to:(1) life policies, where the regulated activities concerned are:(a) dealing in investments as principal (see PERG 2.7.5 G);(b) managing investments (see PERG 2.7.8 G);(c) safeguarding and administering investments (see PERG 2.7.9 G); and(d) agreeing to carry on any of those activities (see PERG 2.7.21
15A credit agreement is also an exempt agreement in the following cases:(1) if (subject to PERG 2.7.19H G):(a) the agreement is a borrower-lender-supplier agreement for fixed-sum credit;(b) the number of payments to be made by the borrower is not more than 1221;(c) those payments are required to be made within a period of 12 months or less (beginning on the date of the agreement); and(d) the credit is:(i) secured on land; or(ii) provided without interest or other charges;(2) if
The Regulated Activities Order uses two further terms in relation to contracts of insurance to identify those contracts under which rights are treated as contractually based investments.(1) The first term is 'qualifying contracts of insurance' (referred to as life policies in the Handbook). This identifies those long-term insurance contracts under which rights are treated as contractually based investments. This term does not cover long-term insurance contracts which are contracts
If a firm ceases to be a participant firm or carry out activities within one or more classes54 part way through a financial year6 of the compensation scheme:44(1) it will remain liable for any unpaid levies which the FSCS has already made on the firm; and41(2) the FSCS may make one or more levies4 upon it (which may be before or after the firm5 has ceased to be a participant firm or carry out activities within one or more classes5,4 but must be before it ceases to be an authorised
PERG 5.14.3GRP
Professional firms should be aware of the disapplication of the exclusions for trustees (article 66) and activities carried on in the course of a profession or non-investment business (article 67) outlined in PERG 5.11.7 G (Exclusions disapplied in connection with insurance distribution3) where their activities would amount to insurance distribution3. Where they do not, they will still be able to rely upon article 67. Otherwise, the Non-Exempt Activities Order3 imposes limitations
The application of section 21 of the Act and of exemptions in the Financial Promotion Order to invitations or inducements about insurance distribution activities1 will vary depending on the type of activity. The implementation of the IDD1 has not led to any changes in the definitions of a controlled investment or a controlled activity under the Financial Promotion Order. So:(1) rights under any contract of insurance are a controlled investment;(2) rights to or interests in rights
This means that an insurance intermediary will not be communicating a financial promotion:(1) where the only activity to which the promotion relates is assisting in the administration and performance of a contract of insurance; or(2) purely by reason of his inviting or inducing persons to make use of his advisory or arranging services where they relate only to general insurance contracts or pure protection contracts or both.But as regards (2), an intermediary will be communicating
DISP App 1.3.9GRP
12A firm may arrange the sale of the endowment policy on the traded endowment market, provided the full implications of such a course of action are explained to the complainant and his express consent is obtained for the firm to arrange the sale. This includes informing the investor that he will continue to be the life assured under the policy. The complainant should be informed that such an arrangement may reduce or eliminate the amount of redress actually borne by the firm,
SUP 16.23.2RRP
Unless a firm is listed in the table below, this section does not apply to it where both of the following conditions are satisfied:(1) the firm has reported total revenue of less than £5 million as at its last accounting reference date; and(2) the firm only has permission to carry on one or more of the following activities:(a) advising on investments;(b) dealing in investments as agent;(c) dealing in investments as principal;(d) arranging (bringing about deals) in investments;(e)
PERG 5.13.4GRP
Insurance insurance distribution activities2 activities able to be carried on by an appointed representative. This table belongs to PERG 5.13.3 G.Type of contract of insuranceRegulated activities an appointed representative can carry onGeneral insurance contractdealing in investments as agent;arranging;assisting in the administration and performance of a contract of insurance;advising on investments; andagreeing to carry on these regulated activities.Pure protection contractdealing
PERG 2.9.24GRP
(1) 12Subject to (2), (3) and (4),15 the exclusions apply, in relation to any activity carried on by a local authority.15(2) The exclusion relating to the regulated activities of:(a) dealing in investments as agents;(b) arranging (bringing about) deals in investments;(c) making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments;(d) assisting in the administration and performance of a contract of insurance; and(e) advising on investments;applies to any activity carried on
3To the extent that a firm4 has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FCA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of that direction.444
Guidance on the application provisions is in ICOBS 1 Annex 1 (Part 4).