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DISP App 1.1.5GRP
This appendix is also relevant to complaints which the Ombudsman may investigate under the Compulsory Jurisdiction or Voluntary Jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service established under Part XVI of the Act (The Ombudsman Scheme).2525
DISP App 1.1.8GRP
25Nothing in this appendix relieves firms of the obligation to consider the particular facts and circumstances of each complaint and to consider whether the assessment of loss and compensation should, in the light of those facts and circumstances, be carried out on a different basis. If, however, the facts and circumstances make it appropriate to do so, the FSA's expectation is that firms will apply the approach and standards set out in this appendix, and where they do not, the
Where two or more complaints from one complainant relate to connected circumstances, the Ombudsman may investigate them together, but will issue separate provisional assessments and determinations in respect of each respondent.1515
REC 4.4.2GRP
The Act does not provide a mechanism for appeals to the FSA from decisions by recognised bodies in relation to complaints. However, the FSA is required by section 299 of the Act (Complaints about recognised bodies) to have arrangements to investigate complaints (called relevant complaints in the Act) which it considers relevant to the question of whether a recognised body should remain recognised as such. This section describes aspects of the FSA's arrangements for investigating
REC 2.16.1UKRP
Schedule to the Recognition Requirements Regulations, Paragraph 92(1)The [UK RIE] must have effective arrangements for the investigation and resolution of complaints arising in connection with the performance of, or failure to perform, any of itsregulatory functions.(2)But sub-paragraph (1) does not extend to -(a)complaints about the content of rules made by the [UK RIE], or(b)complaints about a decision against which the complainant has the right to appeal under procedures of
DISP App 3.5.1ERP
Where a complaint is about the sale of a policy, the firm should, as part of its investigation of the complaint, determine whether any claim on that policy was rejected, and if so, whether the complainant may have reasonably expected that the claim would have been paid.
DISP App 1.4.2GRP
12Two sets of circumstances are examined at DISP App 1.4.3 G to DISP App 1.4.13 G. Although these are considered in isolation, firms should, as part of their investigation of all of the factors involved in the complaint, consider whether either set of circumstances should be considered in conjunction with those factors examined at DISP App 1.2.
REC 4.1.2GRP
This chapter sets out the FSA's approach to the supervision of recognised bodies and contains guidance on: (1) the arrangements for investigating complaints about recognised bodies made under section 299 of the Act (Complaints about recognised bodies) (REC 4.4); (2) the FSA's approach to the exercise of its powers under:(a) (for RIEs and RCHs)2section 296 of the Act (FSA's power to give directions) or (for RAPs) regulation 3 of the RAP regulations2 to give directions to recognised
REC 5.2.14GRP
Information and supporting documentation (see REC 5.2.4 G).(1)Details of the applicant's constitution, structure and ownership, including its memorandum and articles of association (or similar or analogous documents ) and any agreements between the applicant, its owners or other persons relating to its constitution or governance (if not contained in the information listed in REC 5.2.3A G)1. An applicant for RAP status must provide details of the relationship between the governance