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A non-UCITS retail scheme operating as a FAIF must not invest in units in a collective investment scheme (second scheme) unless the second scheme is a scheme which satisfies the criteria in COLL 5.6.10 R (1) (a) to (d) or meets each of the requirements at (1) to (4):(1) the second scheme operates on the principle of the prudent spread of risk;(2) the second scheme is prohibited from investing more than 15% in value of the property of that scheme in units in collective investment
An application for an authorisation order must propose that the scheme be one of the following types:(1) a UCITS scheme;(2) a non-UCITS retail scheme, including:333(a) a non-UCITS retail scheme operating as a fund of alternative investment funds (FAIF); and3(b) a non-UCITS retail scheme which is an umbrella with sub-funds operating as:3(i) FAIFs;3(ii) standard non-UCITS retail schemes; or3(iii) a mixture of (i) and (ii); or3(3) a qualified investor scheme.
(1) UCITS schemes have to comply with the conditions necessary in order to enjoy the rights available under the UCITS Directive. Such schemes must in particular comply with:(a) COLL 3.2.8 R (UCITS obligations); and(b) the investment and borrowing powers rules for UCITS schemes set out in COLL 5.2 to COLL 5.5 .(2) (a) 5Non-UCITS retail schemes are schemes that do not comply with all the conditions set out in the UCITS Directive.(b) 5A non-UCITS retail scheme is an AIF and must
This table belongs to COLL 4.2.2 R (Publishing the prospectus).Document status1A statement that the document is the prospectus of the authorised fund valid as at a particular date (which shall be the date of the document).Authorised fund2A description of the authorised fund including:(a) its name;29(aa)its FCA product reference number (PRN);(b)whether it is an ICVC, ACS21 or an AUT;173(ba)whether it is a UCITS scheme or a non-UCITS retail scheme;17(bb)a statement that unitholders