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The matters set out in (1) to (13)2 must be included in any authorised fund manager's report, except where otherwise indicated:2(1) the names and addresses of :(a) the authorised fund manager;(b) the depositary;(c) the registrar;(d) any investment adviser;(e) the auditor; and(f) for a scheme which invests in immovables, the standing independent valuer;(2) (for an ICVC), the names of any directors other than the ACD;(3) a statement of the authorised status of the scheme;(4) (for
(1) Collateral is adequate for the purposes of this section only if it is:(a) transferred to the depositary or its agent;(aa) 6for a UCITS scheme, received under a title transfer arrangement;(ab) 6for a UCITS scheme, at all times equal in value to the market value of the securities transferred by the depositary plus a premium;(b) for a non-UCITS retail scheme, at all times 6at least equal in value 6to the value of the securities transferred by the depositary; and(c) for a non-UCITS
This table belongs to COLL 4.2.2 R (Publishing the prospectus).Document status1A statement that the document is the prospectus of the authorised fund valid as at a particular date (which shall be the date of the document).Authorised fund2A description of the authorised fund including:(a) its name;29(aa)its FCA product reference number (PRN);(b)whether it is an ICVC, ACS21 or an AUT;173(ba)whether it is a UCITS scheme or a non-UCITS retail scheme;17(bb)a statement that unitholders
This table belongs to COLL 3.2.4 R (Matters which must be included in the instrument constituting the fund14)14Name of scheme1A statement of:(1) the name of the authorised fund; and(2) whether the authorised fund is a UCITS scheme or a non-UCITS retail scheme.Investment powers in eligible markets2A statement that, subject to any restriction in the rules in this sourcebook or the instrument constituting the fund14, the scheme has the power to invest in any eligible securities market
(1) Subject to 1(A),3COLL 5.1 to COLL 5.5 apply to the authorised fund manager and the depositary of an authorised fund, and to an ICVC, which is or ever has been a UCITS scheme.(1A) The only sections of COLL 5 that apply to the authorised fund manager and the depositary of a feeder UCITS, and to an ICVC which is a feeder UCITS, are COLL 5.3 and COLL 5.8, although particular rules in COLL 5.1, COLL 5.2 and COLL 5.5 are incorporated by reference.3(2) Subject to 2(A),1COLL 5.1,