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(1) 6An authorised fund may only enter into a stock lending arrangement or repo contract in accordance with the rules in this section if the arrangement or contract is: (a) for the account of and for the benefit of the scheme; and(b) in the interests of its unitholders. (2) An arrangement or contract in (1) is not in the interests of unitholders unless it reasonably appears to the ICVC or authorised fund manager of an authorised fund to be appropriate with a view to generating
(1) An ICVC, or the depositary of an authorised fund acting in accordance with the instructions 6of the authorised fund manager4, may enter into a repo contract, or a1stock lending arrangement of the kind described in section 263B of the Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992 (without extension by section 263C), but only if:444(a) all the terms of the agreement under which securities are to be reacquired by the depositary for the account of the ICVC, AUT or ACS4 are in a form which
(1) 2An authorised fund manager must calculate the global exposure of a UCITS scheme by using:(a) the commitment approach; or(b) the value at risk approach.(2) An authorised fund manager must ensure that the method selected in (1) is appropriate, taking into account:(a) the investment strategy pursued by the UCITS scheme;(b) the types and complexities of the derivatives and forward transactions used; and(c) the proportion of the scheme property comprising derivatives and forward
(1) The ICVC, or the depositary at the request of the ICVC, or the depositary of an AUT or ACS9 at the request of the authorised fund manager,9 may enter into a repo contract or a 2stock lending arrangement within section 263B of the Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992 (without extension by section 263C).99(2) The depositary must ensure that the value of any collateral, for the stock lending arrangement is at all times at least equal to the value of the securities transferred
COLL 6.6.17RRP
(1) The authorised fund manager, any other director of an ICVC and the depositary must take reasonable care to ensure that a transaction within (a) to (f) is not carried out on behalf of the scheme:(a) putting cash on deposit with an affected person unless that person is an eligible institution or an approved bank and the arm's length requirement in (2) is satisfied;(b) lending money by an affected person to, or for the account of, the scheme, unless the affected person is an
This table belongs to COLL 8.3.2 R.1Document statusA statement that this document is the prospectus of the authorised fund valid as at a particular date which shall be the date of the document.2Description of the authorised fundInformation detailing:(1)the name of the authorised fund;16(1A)its FCA product reference number (PRN);(2)that the authorised fund is either an ICVC, ACS11 or an AUT;(3)that the scheme is a qualified investor scheme;(4)where relevant, that the unitholders
(1) The scheme property of an authorised fund other than money must not be lent by way of deposit or otherwise.(2) Transactions permitted by COLL 5.4 (Stock lending) are not to be regarded as lending for the purposes of (1).(3) The scheme property must not be mortgaged.(4) Where transactions in derivatives or forward transactions are used for the account of the authorised fund in accordance with any of the rules in this chapter, nothing in this rule prevents the ICVC or the depositary