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(1) COCON applies to:(a) an SMF manager;(b) an employee (“P”) of a relevant authorised person who:(i) performs the function of an SMF manager;(ii) is not an approved person to perform the function in question; and(iii) is required to be an approved person at the time P performs that function; and(c) an employee of a relevant authorised person who would be an SMF manager but for SUP 10C.3.13R (The 12-week rule);(d) a certification employee employed by a relevant authorised person,
(1) COCON applies to the conduct of 6conduct rules staff set out in (2) 6wherever it is performed.(2) 6This rule applies to:(a) a senior conduct rules staff member; and(b) a certification employee performing FCA-specified significant-harm function (7) (material risk takers) in the table in SYSC 5.2.30R for a UK relevant authorised person.
(1) This rule applies to members of a firm’sconduct rules staff apart from conduct rules staff in COCON 1.1.9R. 6522(2) Subject to (3), COCON only applies to the conduct of persons to whom this rule applies (as set out in (1)) if that conduct:6(a) 6is performed from an establishment maintained in the United Kingdom by:(i) (for a relevant authorised person) that person’semployer; or(ii) (for a Solvency II firm or a small non-directive insurer8) the firm in relation to whom that
The purpose of this chapter is to set out rules for conduct rules staff and to provide guidance about those rules2 to firms whose staff are subject to them2.
(1) The steps that a relevant authorised person must take to secure that its conduct rules staff understand how the rules in COCON apply to them include the provision of suitable training.(2) Suitable training should always ensure that those who are subject to the rules in COCON have an awareness and broad understanding of all of the rules in COCON, and that they also have a deeper understanding of the practical application of the specific rules which are relevant to their work.(3)
CREDS 10.1.3RP
ModuleRelevance to Credit UnionsThe Principles for Businesses (PRIN)The Principles for Businesses (PRIN) set out 3high-level requirements 3imposed by the FCA3. They provide a general statement of regulatory requirements. The Principles apply to all9credit unions. In applying the Principles to credit unions, the FCA3 will be mindful of proportionality. In practice, the implications are likely to vary according to the size and complexity 3of the credit union.99999Senior Management