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(1) The following example illustrates BIPRU 7.2.18R and BIPRU 7.2.19R in conjunction with BIPRU 7.2.11R (the last rule determines the value of notional positions). A firm sells £1mn notional of a 3v6 FRA at 6%. This results in:(a) a short position in a zero-specific-risk security with a zero coupon, three month maturity, and a nominal amount of £1million; and(b) a long position in a zero-specific-risk security with a zero coupon, six month maturity, and nominal amount of £1,015,000
(1) Where included in the PRR calculation in BIPRU 7.2 (see the table in BIPRU 7.2.4R), options and warrants must be treated in accordance with this rule.(2) An option or warrant on a debt security, a basket of debt securities or a debt security index must be treated as a position in that debt security, basket or index.(3) An option on an interest rate must be treated as a position in a zero coupon zero-specific-risk security with a maturity equal to the sum of the time to expiry
Table: specific risk position risk adjustmentsThis table belongs to BIPRU 7.2.43R.IssuerResidual maturityPosition risk adjustmentDebt securities issued or guaranteed by central governments, issued by central banks, international organisations, multilateral development banks or EEA States' regional governments or local authorities which would qualify for credit quality step 1 or which would receive a 0% risk weight under the standardised approach to credit risk.Any0%(A) Debt securities