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Table: Instruments which result in notional positionsThis table belongs to BIPRU 7.2.3R(2)InstrumentSeeFutures, forwards or synthetic futures on debt securitiesBIPRU 7.2.13 RFutures, forwards or synthetic futures on debt indices or basketsBIPRU 7.2.14RInterest rate futures or forward rate agreements (FRAs)BIPRU 7.2.18 RInterest rate swaps or foreign currencyswapsBIPRU 7.2.21RDeferred start interest rate swaps or foreign currencyswapsBIPRU 7.2.24RThe interest rate leg of an equityswap
(1) For the purposes of calculating interest rate PRR, unless specified otherwise, a firm must derive the value of notional positions as follows:(a) notional positions in actual debt securities must be valued as the nominal amount underlying the contract at the current market price of the debt security; and(b) positions in zero-specific-risk securities must be valued using one of the two methods in (2).(2) A firm must use one of the following two methods for all positions arising