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3BIPRU 7.2.43 R includes both actual and notional positions. However, notional positions in a zero-specific-risk security do not attract specific risk. For example:(1) interest-rate swaps, foreign-currency swaps, FRAs, interest-rate futures, foreign-currencyforwards, foreign-currencyfutures, and the cash leg of repurchase agreements and reverse repurchase agreements create notional positions which will not attract specific risk; while(2) futures, forwards and swaps which are based
Other futures, forwards, and swaps where a treatment is not specified in article 328 of the EU CRR ((Interest rate futures and forwards) should be treated as positions in zero specific risk securities, each of which:(1) has a zero coupon;(2) has a maturity equal to that of the relevant contract; and(3) is long or short according to the table in IFPRU 6.2.9 G.
Where a forward, future or CFD settles according to:(1) the difference between the price set on trade date and that prevailing at contract expiry, then the notional position should: (a) equal the total quantity underlying the contract; and(b) have a maturity equal to the expiry date of the contract; and(2) the difference between the price set on trade date and the average of prices prevailing over a certain period up to contract expiry, then a notional position should be derived
Table: Derived positionsThis table belongs to BIPRU 7.6.9RUnderlyingOption (or warrant)Derived positionEquityOption (warrant) on a single equity or option on a future/forward on a single equityA notional position in the actual equity underlying the contract valued at the current market price of the equity.Option (warrant) on a basket of equities or option on a future/forward on a basket of equitiesA notional position in the actual equities underlying the contract valued at the