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BIPRU 3.4.124RRP
Where a firm is not aware of the underlying exposures of a CIU, it may calculate an average risk weight for the CIU in accordance with the standardised approach subject to the following rules: it will be assumed that the CIU first invests, to the maximum extent allowed under its mandate, in the standardised credit risk exposure classes attracting the highest capital requirement, and then continues making investments in descending order until the maximum total investment limit
(1) Where exposures in the form of a CIU1 meet the criteria set out in BIPRU 3.4.121 R to BIPRU 3.4.122 R (Conditions for look through treatment under the standardised approach) and the firm is aware of all of the underlying exposures of the CIU, the firm must look through to those underlying exposures in order to calculate risk weighted exposure amounts and expected loss amounts in accordance with the methods set out in BIPRU 4.BIPRU 4.9.12 R applies to the part of the underlying
This table belongs to BIPRU 3.7.1 R[Note: BCD Annex II]CategoryItemPercentageFull riskGuarantees having the character of credit substitutesCredit derivativesAcceptancesEndorsements on bills not bearing the name of another credit institutionTransactions with recourseIrrevocable standby letters of credit having the character of credit substitutesAssets purchased under outright forward purchase agreementsForward depositsThe unpaid portion of partly-paid shares and securitiesAsset