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This table belongs to BIPRU 3.4.11 R.Credit quality step to which central government is assigned123456Risk weight of exposure20%50%100%100%100%150%
This table belongs to BIPRU 3.4.37 R.Credit quality step123456Risk weight20%20%20%50%50%150%
This table belongs to BIPRU 13.5.5 R.Transaction or instrumentCalculation of size of risk positionTransaction with linear risk profile except for debt instruments.The effective notional value (market price multiplied by quantity) of the underlying financial instruments (including commodities) converted to the firm's domestic currency.Debt instruments and payment legs.The effective notional value of the outstanding gross payments (including the notional amount) converted to the
BIPRU 13.5.22RRP
This table belongs to BIPRU 13.5.21 R.Hedging set categoriesCCR Multiplier (CCRM)(1)Interest Rates0.2%(2)Interest Rates for risk positions from a reference debt instrument that underlies a credit default swap and to which a capital charge of 1.60%, or less, applies under BIPRU 7.2.44 R1.0.3%(3)Interest Rates for risk positions from a debt instrument or reference debt instrument to which a capital charge of more than 1.60% applies under BIPRU 7.2.44 R.0.6%(4)Exchange Rates2.5%(5)Electric
BIPRU 4.10.51RRP
GA as calculated under BIPRU 5.8.11 R is then taken as the value of the protection for the purposes of calculating the effects of unfunded credit protection under the IRB approach.[Note: BCD Annex VIII Part 4 point 8 (part)]
Table: Risk weighted exposure amounts for retail exposuresThis table belongs to BIPRU 4.6.41 RCorrelation (R)0.03 × (1 - EXP(-35*PD))/(1-EXP(-35)) + 0.16*[1-(1-EXP(-35*PD))/(1-EXP(-35))]Risk weight (RW)(LGD*N[(1-R)-0.5*G(PD)+(R/(1-R))0.5 *G(0.999)]-PD*LGD)* 12.5*1.06N(x)denotes the cumulative distribution function for a standard normal random variable (i.e. the probability that a normal random variable with mean zero and variance of one is less than or equal to x).G(z)denotes
BIPRU 9.12.11RRP
Table: This table belongs to BIPRU 9.12.10 R44Credit Quality StepSecuritisation positionsResecuritisation positionsCredit assessments other than short termShort-term credit assessmentsABCDE117%12%20%20%30%28%15%25%25%40%310%18%35%35%50%4212%20%40%65%520%35%60%100%635%50%100%150%7360%75%150%225%8100%200%350%9250%300%500%10425%500%650%11650%750%850%all other, unrated1250%[Note: For mapping of the credit quality step to the credit assessments of eligible ECAIs, refer to:
Table: Expected loss values for specialised lendingThis table belongs to BIPRU 4.5.12 RRemaining maturityCategory 1 (Strong)Category 2 (Good)Category 3 (Satisfactory)Category 4 (Weak)Category 5Less than 2.5 years0%0.4%2.8%8%50%Equal or more than 2.5 years0.4%0.8%2.8%8%50%The coverage of each of the categories is set out in BIPRU 4.5.6 R[Note:BCD Annex VII Part 1 point 31 (part)]
A firm may attribute an exposure value of zero for CCR to a securities financing transaction or to any other exposures in respect of that transaction (but excluding an exposure arising from collateral held to mitigate losses in the event of the default of other participants in the central counterparty's arrangements) which is outstanding with a central counterparty and has not been rejected by the central counterparty.[Note: BCD Annex III Part 2 point 6 in respect of SFTs]
This table belongs to BIPRU 3.7.1 R[Note: BCD Annex II]CategoryItemPercentageFull riskGuarantees having the character of credit substitutesCredit derivativesAcceptancesEndorsements on bills not bearing the name of another credit institutionTransactions with recourseIrrevocable standby letters of credit having the character of credit substitutesAssets purchased under outright forward purchase agreementsForward depositsThe unpaid portion of partly-paid shares and securitiesAsset