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LR 10.2.11GRP
The FCA may modify these rules to require the aggregation of transactions in circumstances other than those specified in LR 10.2.10 R.Note: If an issuer is proposing to enter into a transaction that could be a Class 1 transaction or reverse takeover it is required under LR 8 to obtain the guidance of a sponsor to assess the potential application of LR 10.
LR 4.1.3RRP
An issuer must ensure that listing particulars for securities referred to in LR 4.1.1 R are approved by the FCA and published in accordance with LR 4.3.5 R.Note: Under LR 2.2.11 R, the securities will only be listed if listing particulars for the securities have been approved by the FCA and published.
RCB 2.1.2GRP
This chapter sets out the requirements that an issuer must follow to apply for registration as a regulated covered bond issuer and for registration of a regulated covered bond under Regulations 8(a) and 8(b) of the RCB Regulations (applications to the FCA for registration).
LR 6.3.2GRP
(1) 1The purpose of LR 6.2.1R(2), LR 6.2.3R, and LR 6.3.1R is to ensure that the applicant has representative financial information throughout the period required by LR 6.2.1R(1) and LR 6.2.3R and to assist prospective investors to make a reasonable assessment of what the future prospects of the applicant’s business might be. Investors are then able to consider the applicant’s historical financial information in light of its particular competitive advantages, the outlook for the
DTR 2.7.3GRP
The knowledge that press speculation or market rumour is false may not1 amount to inside information. If1 it does amount to inside information, the FCA expects that there may be cases where1 an issuer would be able to delay disclosure1 in accordance with article 17(4) or 17(5) of the Market Abuse Regulation1.
LR 1.6.2RRP
An issuer must inform the FCA if the characteristics of a security change so that the security no longer meets the definition of a security in the category in which it has been placed.
DTR 1.3.2GRP
1Telephone calls to and from the FCA may be recorded for regulatory purposes. The FCA may also require the issuer, person discharging managerial responsibilities, connected person or their advisers to provide information in writing.
RCB 6.2.4GRP
Decisions on applications for registration, in relation to material changes to contractual terms of the regulated covered bond, or in relation to a change of owner, or decisions to issue a direction under the RCB Regulations or to revoke an issuer's registration, will be taken under executive procedures following the process set out in DEPP 4.
DTR 1.2.4GRP
An issuer, person discharging managerial responsibilities or connected person should consult with the FCA at the earliest possible stage if they:(1) are in doubt about how the disclosure requirements2 apply in a particular situation.2(2) [deleted]2
PR 3.4.1UKRP
Section 87G of the Act provides that:(1)Subsection (2) applies if, during the relevant period, there arises or is noted a significant new factor, material mistake or inaccuracy relating to the information included in a prospectus approved by the [FCA].(2)The person on whose application the prospectus was approved must, in accordance with prospectus rules, submit a supplementary prospectus containing details of the new factor, mistake or inaccuracy to the [FCA] for its approval.(3)The
PR 2.5.2UKRP
Section 87B(1) of the Act sets out when the FCA may authorise the omission of information from a prospectus:(1)The [FCA] may authorise the omission from a prospectus of any information, the inclusion of which would otherwise be required, on the ground –(a)that its disclosure would be contrary to the public interest;(b)that its disclosure would be seriously detrimental to the issuer, provided that the omission would be unlikely to mislead the public with regard to any facts or
LR 9.5.2GRP
The FCA may modify LR 9.5.1R (1) to allow the placing to relate to less than 25% if it is satisfied that requiring at least 25% would be detrimental to the success of the issue.
PR 5.3.1UKRP
Sections 87H and 87I of the Act provide:Prospectus approved in another EEA State87H(1)A prospectus approved by the competent authority of an EEA State other than the United Kingdom is not an approved prospectus for the purposes of section 85 unless that authority has notified ESMA and provided the competent authority with -3(a)a certificate of approval;(b)a copy of the prospectus as approved; and(c)if requested by the [FCA], a translation of the summary of the prospectus.(2)A