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MCOB 11.6.1GRP
(1) This section sets out rules and guidance for lenders and providers under regulated mortgage contracts and home purchase plans, in relation to the assessment of affordability for the customer of these contracts. Firms have the option of applying certain of the rules and guidance on a modified basis in relation to regulated mortgage contracts and home purchase plans which are solely for a business purpose or are with high net worth mortgage customers. This section also contains
MCOB 11.6.52GRP
MCOB 11.6.50 R sets out requirements for mortgage lenders to have appropriate procedures for managing interest-only mortgages in order to safeguard the interests of customers. Firms are reminded of the rules and guidance in SYSC (notably SYSC 7.1) relating to systems and controls for the management of risks to which firms themselves are exposed. Firms will need to consider whether their systems and controls are adequate in relation to the management of risks arising from interest-only
EG 2.9.2RP
1Guidance is not binding on those to whom the FCA'srules apply. Nor are the variety of materials (such as case studies showing good or bad practice, FCA speeches, and generic letters written by the FCA to Chief Executives in particular sectors) published to support the rules and guidance in the Handbook. Rather, such materials are intended to illustrate ways (but not the only ways) in which a person can comply with the relevant rules.
EG 2.9.3RP
1DEPP 6.2.1G(4) explains that the FCA will not take action against someone where we consider that they have acted in accordance with what we have said. However, guidance does not set out the minimum standard of conduct needed to comply with a rule, nor is there any presumption that departing from guidance indicates a breach of a rule. If a firm has complied with the Principles and other rules, then it does not matter whether it has also complied with other material the FCA has
BIPRU 12.2.13GRP
BIPRU 12.7 contains more detailed rules and guidance about the type of assets that an ILAS BIPRU firm is permitted to hold in order to satisfy BIPRU 12.2.8R.
SUP 15.11.2GRP
COCON sets out rules under section 64A of the Act4and guidance on those rules for SMCR firms5.4
SUP 15.11.15RRP
A credit union3 must make each notification pursuant to2SUP 15.11.13R (notifications about3 section 64C of the Act relating to conduct rules staff other than SMF managers4) in accordance with the rules and guidance in SUP 15.7, using Form H as set out in SUP 15 Annex 7R3.3
REC 6.7.13GRP
ROIEs 1may apply to the FCA1 for a waiver of any of the notification rules. The procedure is the same as that for applications from UK recognised bodies. Guidance on the procedure is given in REC 3.3.1
SUP 15.3.8GRP
Compliance with Principle 11 includes, but is not limited to, giving the FCA11 notice of:2929(1) any proposed restructuring, reorganisation or business expansion which could have a significant impact on the firm's risk profile or resources, including, but not limited to:(a) setting up a new undertaking within a firm'sgroup, or a new branch (whether in the United Kingdom or overseas); or (b) commencing the provision of cross border services into a new territory; or(c) commencing
SUP 9.1.3GRP
A person may need to ask the FCA for individual guidance on how the rules and general guidance in the Handbook, the Act or other regulatory requirements apply in their particular circumstances. This chapter describes how a person may do this. Section 139A of the Act gives the FCA the power to give guidance consisting of such information and advice as it considers appropriate.
SUP 9.1.4GRP
The FCA may at times also consider it appropriate to give a firm individual guidance on its own initiative, for example on how it considers a firm should comply with a rule. SUP 9.3 describes when and how the FCA will seek to do this.
COLL 5.2.20RRP
(1) A transaction in a derivative must:(a) be in an approved derivative; or(b) be one which complies with COLL 5.2.23 R (OTC transactions in derivatives).(2) The underlying of a transaction in a derivative must consist of any one or more of the following to which the scheme is dedicated:(a) transferable securities permitted under COLL 5.2.8 R (3)(a) to (c) and COLL 5.2.8 R (3)(e)7;(b) approved money-market instruments7 permitted underCOLL 5.2.8 R (3)(a) to COLL 5.2.8 R (3)(d)7;77(c)
REC 3.1.2GRP
The notification rules for overseas recognised bodies are set out in REC 6. The guidance set out at REC 3.3 in relation to the waiving and modification of notification rules also applies to the notification rules in this chapter and to the notification rules in REC 6.
4Once an election made by a firm under CASS 7.10.7AR becomes effective, and until it ceases to be effective:(1) the firm must treat all the money referred to under CASS 7.10.7AR(1) in accordance with the election; and (2) for the purposes of (1), this chapter applies to the firm in the same way that it applies to a firm that receives and holds money in the course of or in connection with its designated investment business, except that:(a) CASS 7.10.10R will not apply to the money
SUP 9.3.1GRP
Business and internal control risks vary from firm to firm, according to the nature and complexity of the business. The FCA's assessment of these risks is reflected in how its rules apply to different categories of firm as well as in the use of its other regulatory tools. One of the tools the FCA has available is to give a firm individual guidance on the application of the requirements or standards under the regulatory system in the firm's particular circumstances.
SUP 9.3.2GRP
The FCA5 may give individual guidance to a firm on its own initiative if it considers it appropriate to do so. For example:5(1) the FCA5 may consider that general guidance in the Handbook does not appropriately fit a firm's particular circumstances (which may be permanent or temporary) and therefore decide to give additional individual guidance to the firm;5(2) some of the FCA's5 requirements are expressed in general terms; however, there may be times when the FCA5 will wish to
SUP 9.2.1GRP
Requests for individual guidance may be made in writing or orally. Requests for individual guidance in relation to the Part 6 rules should be made in writing other than in circumstances of exceptional urgency or in the case of a request from a sponsor in relation to the provision of a sponsor service. 2If oral queries raise complex or significant issues, the FCA will normally expect the details of the request to be confirmed in writing. Simple requests for guidance may often be
SUP 9.2.6GRP
The FCA will always need sufficient information and time before it can properly evaluate the situation and respond to a request. If a request is time-critical, the person or its professional adviser should make this clear. The more notice a person can give the FCA, the more likely it is that the FCA will be able to meet the person's timetable. However, the time taken to respond will necessarily depend upon the complexity and novelty of the issues involved. In making a request,
This guidance is issued under section 139A of the Act (Guidance). It is designed to throw light on particular aspects of regulatory requirements, not to be an exhaustive description of a person's obligations. If a person acts in line with the guidance in the circumstances it contemplates, the FCA will proceed on the footing that the person has complied with aspects of the requirement to which the guidance relates. Rights conferred on third parties cannot be affected by guidance
The only kind of body corporate of an open-ended kind that may currently be formed under the law of the United Kingdom is one that is authorised by the FCA. A person intending to form an open-ended body corporate that has its head office in Great Britain should refer to the Open-ended Investment Companies Regulations 2001 (SI 2001/1228). Bodies corporate formed under these Regulations are referred to in the Handbook as investment companies with variable capital (or ' ICVCs ').
SUP 16.1.1EDRP
39The rules, directions and guidance in SUP 16.22 apply to a payment service provider located in the UK other than: (1) a credit union;(2) National Savings and Investments; and(3) the Bank of England.
SUP 16.1.3RRP
Application of different sections of SUP 16 (excluding49 SUP 16.13, SUP 16.15, SUP 16.16, SUP 16.17, SUP 16.22 and SUP 16.2650) 4252393927(1) Section(s)(2) Categories of firm to which section applies(3) Applicable rules and guidanceSUP 16.1,SUP 16.2andSUP 16.3All categories of firm except:Entire sections(a)an ICVC;(b)an incoming EEA firm or incoming Treaty firm, which is not:(i)a firm of a type to which SUP 16.6 or 20SUP 16.1220 applies; or(ii)an insurer with permission to effect
(1) 3(a) MCOB 7.1 to MCOB 7.3, MCOB 7.5 and MCOB 7.6 (as modified by this section) apply to a firm where the home finance transaction is a lifetime mortgage.3(b) MCOB 7.1 to MCOB 7.3 (as modified by this section) apply to a firm where the home finance transaction is a home reversion plan, except that those provisions that by their nature are only relevant to regulated mortgage contracts do not apply to home reversion plans (see MCOB 9.1.2A G).3(2) The table in MCOB 9.6.2 R shows
Table of modified cross-references to other rules:This table belongs to MCOB 9.6.1R.SubjectRule or guidanceReference in rule or guidanceTo be read as a reference to:ApplicationMCOB 7.1.4RMCOB 7.6.7R - MCOB 7.7.4RMCOB 7.6.7R - MCOB 7.6.33G as modified by MCOB 9.8.5R - 9.8.9RApplicationMCOB 7.1.5RMCOB 7.5 - MCOB 7.7.4RMCOB 7.5 -MCOB 7.6.33G as modified by MCOB 9.8Information in more than one documentMCOB 7.3.3RMCOB 7MCOB 7 as modified by MCOB 9Frequency of statementsMCOB 7.5.6GMCOB
Table of rules in MCOB 7 replaced by rules in this chapter:This table belongs to MCOB 9.6.1R.SubjectRule or guidanceRule replaced by:Information at start of contractMCOB 7.4MCOB 9.7Content of statementMCOB 5.3RMCOB 9.8.1RFrequency of statementsMCOB 7.5.5RMCOB 9.8.2REvent-driven informationMCOB 7.6.1RMCOB 9.8.3RRelease of additional borrowingMCOB 7.6.6GMCOB 9.8.4GFurther advancesMCOB 7.6.9RMCOB 9.8.5GFurther advancesMCOB 7.6.16RMCOB 9.8.7RAddition or removal of party to contractMCOB