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REC 6.7.13GRP
ROIEs 1may apply to the FCA1 for a waiver of any of the notification rules. The procedure is the same as that for applications from UK recognised bodies. Guidance on the procedure is given in REC 3.3.1
FEES 4.2.11RRP
Table of periodic fees payable to the FCA51511 Fee payer2 Fee payable3 Due date4 Events occurring during the period leading to modified periodic feeAny firm (except an AIFM qualifier,25ICVC or a UCITS qualifier)(1) Unless (2) applies, as37 specified in FEES 4.3.1 R in relation to FEES 4 Annex 2AR and FEES 4 Annex 11 R51.37(2) Where a firm is paying a ring-fencing implementation fee, as specified in FEES 4 Annex 2BR.37(1) Unless (2) or (3) apply7, on or before the relevant dates
REC 1.1.2GRP
(1) UK RIEs4 are exempt persons under section 285 of the Act (Exemption for recognised investment exchanges and clearing houses).4(2) UK RIEs4 must satisfy recognition requirements prescribed by the Treasury (in certain cases with the approval of the Secretary of State) in the Recognition Requirements Regulations. UK RIEs must also satisfy the MiFID implementing requirements in the MiFID Regulation.2RAPs must satisfy the recognition requirements prescribed by the Treasury in the
REC 1.1.3GRP
(1) The recognition requirements for UK recognised bodies and the MiFID implementing requirements2are set out, with guidance, in REC 2. The RAP recognition requirements (other than requirements under the auction regulation which are not reproduced in REC) are set out, with guidance, in REC 2A.3(2) The notification rules for UKrecognised bodies are set out in REC 3 together with guidance on those rules.(3) Guidance on the FCA's4 approach to the supervision of recognised bodies
REC 3.9.2RRP
A UK recognised body must give the FCA1a summary of:1(1) any proposal to change the fees or charges levied on its members (or any group or class of them), at the same time as the proposal is communicated to those members; and(2) any such change, no later than the date when it is published or notified to those members.
REC 3.19.2GRP
A UK recognised body need not give the FCA2notice of:2(1) routine inspections or visits undertaken in the course of regular monitoring, complaints handling or as part of a series of 'theme visits'; or(2) routine requests for information; or(3) investigations into the conduct of members of the UK recognised body or of other users of its facilities where the use of its facilities is a small or incidental part of the subject matter of the investigation.
REC 3.12.1RRP
If any civil or criminal legal proceedings are instituted against a UK recognised body, it must, unless REC 3.12.2 R applies, immediately give notice of that event and give the following information to the FCA:11(1) in the case of civil proceedings, the name of the claimant, particulars of the claim, the amount of damages and any other remedy sought by the claimant, and particulars of any allegation that any act or omission of that body was in bad faith; and(2) in the case of
REC 3.18.1GRP
(1) The purpose of REC 3.18 is to enable the FCA4 to monitor changes in the types of member admitted by UK recognised bodies and to ensure that the FCA4has notice of foreign jurisdictions in which the members of UK recognised bodies are based. UK recognised bodies may admit persons who are not authorised persons or persons who are not located in the United Kingdom, provided that the recognition requirements2or (for RAPs) RAP recognition requirements continue to be met.44(2) REC
REC 3.17.1RRP
Where, because of the occurrence of any event or circumstances, a UK recognised body is unable to discharge any regulatory function, it must immediately give the FCA1notice of its inability to discharge that function, and inform the FCA:111(1) what event or circumstance has caused it to become unable to do so; (2) which of its regulatory functions it is unable to discharge; and(3) what action, if any, it is taking or proposes to take to deal with the situation and, in particular,
REC 3.10.1RRP
Where a UK recognised body's complaints investigator has investigated a complaint arising in connection with the performance of, or failure to perform, any of its regulatory functions, and that complaints investigator has made a recommendation in respect of that complaint that the UK recognised body should:(1) make a compensatory payment to any person; or(2) remedy the matter which was the subject of that complaint;the UK recognised body must immediately notify the FCA1of that
REC 3.11.1RRP
On:(1) the presentation of a petition for the winding up of a UK recognised body (or the commencement of any similar or analogous proceedings under the law of a jurisdiction outside the United Kingdom); or(2) the appointment of a receiver, administrator, liquidator, trustee or sequestrator of assets of that body (or of any similar or analogous appointment under the laws of a jurisdiction outside the United Kingdom); or(3) the making of a voluntary arrangement by that body with
REC 3.25.1RRP
1A UK RIE and an RAP2must immediately notify the FCA3of:3(1) significant breaches of its rules; or(2) disorderly trading conditions on any of its markets or auctions.2[Note: Article 26(2), first sentence (part) and Article 43(2), first sentence (part) of MiFID. The rest of Article 26(2), first sentence (in so far as it relates to market operators operating an MTF) and Article 43(2), first sentence of MiFID is implemented by REC 3.21.1 R (2)]
This manual applies in the following way:(1) FEES 1, 2 and 3 apply to the fee payers listed in column 1 of the Table of application, notification and vetting fees in FEES 3.2.7 R29. 1041(a) [deleted]1010(b) [deleted]1010(c) [deleted]1010(d) [deleted]1010(e) [deleted]10(f) [deleted]1010(g) [deleted]1010(h) [deleted]1010(i) [deleted]1010(j) [deleted]1010(k) [deleted]1010(l) [deleted]1010(m) [deleted]1010(n) [deleted]104(o) 3345410[deleted]10(p) 55410[deleted]10(q) 6510[deleted]10(r)