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(1) The Remuneration Code does not contain specific notification requirements. However, general circumstances in which the appropriate regulator expects to be notified by firms of matters relating to their compliance with requirements under the regulatory system are set out in SUP 15.3 (General notification requirements). (2) In particular, in relation to remuneration matters such circumstances should take into account unregulated activities as well as regulated activities and
SUP 13A.5.4GRP
(1) Unless the EEA firm3(other than7 an EEA firm that received authorisation under article 18 of the auction regulation)331is passporting under the Insurance Mediation Directive, if the appropriate UK regulator9 receives a regulator's notice or, where no notice is required , is informed of the EEA firm's intention to provide cross border services into the United Kingdom, the appropriate UK regulator9 will, under paragraphs 14(2) and 14(3) of Part II of Schedule 3 to the Act, notify
SYSC 19C.3.43GRP
Variable remuneration can be awarded to BIPRU Remuneration Code staff in the form of retention awards where it is compatible with the BIPRU Remuneration Code general requirement to do so. The FCA considers this is likely to be the case only where a firm is undergoing a major restructuring and a good case can be made for retention of particular key staff members on prudential grounds. Proposals to give retention awards should form part of any notice of the restructuring proposals
Schedule to the Recognition Requirements Regulations, Paragraph 7E2The rules of the [UK RIE] must provide that the [UK RIE] must not exercise its power to suspend or remove from trading on a regulated market operated by it any financial instrument which no longer complies with its rules, where such step would be likely to cause significant damage to the interests of investors or the orderly functioning of the financial markets.
LR App 1.1.1RP
1Note: The following definitions relevant to the listing rules are extracted from the Glossary.ActThe Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.admission or admission to listing admission of securities to the official list .admission to tradingadmission of securities to trading on an RIE's market for listedsecurities.advertisement(as defined in the PD Regulation) announcements:(a)relating to a specific offer to the public of securities or to an admission to trading on a regulated
COLL 5.2.10RRP
(1) A market is eligible for the purposes of the rules in this sourcebook if it is:(a) a regulated market;(b) a market in an EEA State which is regulated, operates regularly and is open to the public; or(c) any market within (2).(2) A market not falling within (1)(a) and (b) is eligible for the purposes of the rules in this sourcebook if:(a) the authorised fund manager, after consultation with and notification to the depositary (and in the case of an ICVC, any other directors),
CASS 7.11.47RRP
The firm must notify the FCA of its intention to effect any transfer of client money under either or both of CASS 7.11.42 R and CASS 7.11.44 R at least seven days before it transfers the client money in question.
SYSC 5.2.14GRP
If, after having considered whether a person is fit and proper to perform an FCA-specified significant-harm function, a firm decides not to issue a certificate to that person, it should consider if the circumstances warrant making a notification to the FCA for a breach of the rules in COCON pursuant to SUP 15.3.11R (Breaches of rules and other requirements in or under the Act or the CCA)4.
3The firm must report to the appropriate regulator the total sum of its weighted net long and net short securitisation and resecuritisation positions, broken down by types of underlying assets.
Table: This table belongs to COLL 6.3.2 G (2) (a) and COLL 6.3.3 R (Valuation)1.Valuation and pricing1The valuation of scheme property(1)Where possible, investments should be valued using a reputable source. The reliability of the source of prices should be kept under regular review.(2) For some or all of the investments comprising the scheme property, different prices may quoted according to whether they are being bought (offer prices) or sold (bid prices). The valuation of a
SUP 18.2.49GRP
Where the transferee is a friendly society, the notice should include information about the meeting at which a special resolution in accordance with paragraph 7 of Schedule 12 to the Friendly Societies Act 1992 is to be voted on, including the date of the meeting, how notice of the meeting is to be given to members and the terms of the special resolution. After the meeting the friendly society should inform the appropriate regulator7 whether the special resolution has been passed.